Lead Vocals

Hailing from Kentucky, Alyssa Bentley first took the stage when she was four years old, singing with her mother in church. Music runs in the family, and she was no exception. Alyssa received a scholarship for music and graduated with a degree in vocal music performance. Although she has shared the stage with a great many musicians, she would tell you her favorite memory was singing at a jazz club in Los Angeles with Jeff Goldblum accompanying on piano. Alyssa brings contagious energy and show-stopping vocals to every Plush performance. She is also a hiking enthusiast, drinks bourbon neat, loves to travel, and her favorite food group is wedding cake.


Lead Vocals

All the way from Biloxi, Mississippi, Rick started singing before he could talk. Rick was singing solos in school starting as a 2nd grader. He can sing Prince like no one else you have ever heard, and he has the most impressive range of any Plush vocalist. Rick has been part of so many amazing performances that he could never choose just one favorite. He was honored to play for over 10,000 guests at a September 11th memorial service at the Capitol building in Austin. Rick is a sports enthusiast, and he has played for Peyton Manning as well as Drew Brees – two of his favorite sports icons! Rick has also performed twice for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which is something he will never forget. Rick met his wife at a performance; he was completely unable to talk/sing the moment he saw her in the audience, and they have been inseparable ever since. Swoon!


Lead Vocals

Born in Nashville TN, Robert Carter is the newest member on the Plush team. Like so many entertainers before him, he began his musical journey in church — at 4 years old. He got his first drum kit when he was 5 and started playing the piano at 7. Although music was Rob’s first love, he felt called to serve his country and enlisted in the United States Air Force after high school. Rob toured with the Air Force’s premier entertainment group, Top’s in Blue, entertaining thousands of fellow Airmen both stateside and abroad. Over the years, Rob has performed in over 30 countries and was named 2015’s Air Force Entertainer of the Year. He is most proud of his commission to bring a “gospel choir” to perform for the U.S Embassy & Consulate in the United Arab Emirates during Ramadan — a first in that part of the world! Now retired from the service, he brings his passion for making people smile to every Plush performance. A video hobbyist and tequila sipper, Rob can “throw down” in the kitchen!



Born and raised in our favorite city of Austin, Texas, Mike began playing guitar at age 13 and was playing in his first band(s) at 15. Mike was influenced at a young age by his grandfather’s favorite musicians like Santana, Allman Bros, Eagles, and ZZ Top. His favorite musical experience so far has been playing at the Moody Theater at ACL Live, one of Austin’s most prestigious venues! When he’s not moonlighting as the Plush guitar player and rapper, he plays in kickball and softball leagues. And, as any true Texan would applaud, Mike loves bull riding. We call him “MikeGyver” for being our tech savvy Mr. Fixxit.



Our second Austin, Texas native, Michael “Pinky” Russell, began his love affair with music at the age of 10, playing saxophone. He continued saxophone throughout middle school, high school, and even a semester at The University of North Texas (where he earned his nickname after wearing a pink shirt to band practice). Pinky received his first guitar on his 16th birthday. He then taught himself to play the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, piano, drums, and several wind and string instruments in only a few short years. He is definitely our music aficionado! “Guitar players are a dime-a-dozen; bass players get jobs.” – This quote from a musical mentor is what drove Pinky to settle in where he belongs. Extensively studying the works of such bass players as Paul McCartney and Nathan East, he fell in love with the bass. 10 years later as a member of the Plush family, he continues to learn and grow in all aspects of his craft and can dance while playing bass fantastically! Pinky’s favorite performance experience so far was opening for Boston in 2011. He loves all things whiskey; his favorite color is pink (surprise, surprise); he married his high school sweetheart, and he can’t say no to a superhero movie.



From nearby Bryan-College Station, Arthur “BJ” Henry was playing drums at 2 years old. Born to a musical family, BJ was destined to be a great musician. His grandfather, a band instructor and jazz club owner, was also a drummer for Ike and Tina Turner. His mother and siblings, with their collective piano, bass guitar, trombone, and vocal talents, groomed BJ for his first church drumming gig at age 7. The family moved to Austin 3 years later, where BJ excelled as section leader of his school’s Drumline. At 15, BJ was using his piano and bass guitar talent to land the music director position at a local church. Since then, BJ has toured with an assortment of artists in genres ranging from gospel to country. His last tour was with Sinbad (the comedian!) playing bass and keyboard. When not performing with Plush, BJ produces music at his studio in Austin, A100-Studios. He loves karaoke, candlelight dinners, and short walks on the beach.



Born in El Paso, Johnny’s musical journey started not with the drums, but with a piano at age 8. He then went on to school band percussion and, eventually, drum line. He was beyond thrilled when he got his first drum set at the age of 14 and immediately started playing public shows in San Antonio. Johnny found himself in the recording studio for the first time at 15, and he was hooked. He studied audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona. Then he toured nationally and recorded three albums, consistently playing at iconic venues like Stubbs, Antones, and Emos with Cord. Johnny found his way back to his favorite city, Austin, Texas. After a 2 year tour with Texas country music star, Mark McKinney, Johnny joined Plush. Lucky us! His favorite performance to date was when he opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd in 2015. In true Texan fashion, Johnny’s favorite filmmaker is Wes Anderson. He has named all of his pets, past and present, after characters from Wes Anderson movies!


Our most popular upgrade option and crowd favorite is our Plush Brass Section. Consisting of 1 trumpet player, 1 saxophone player, and 1 trombone player, they are high energy, dynamic, and they do all the dance moves along with us. They also bring a more authentic sound to our Motown, jazz, and R&B songs. If you’re wanting a New Orleans style second line parade, our Plush Brass Section has you covered!